Job Description:

  1. Always practice safety with quality work and quality product.
  2. Understand SCC work ticket system, time card system, and follow it.
  3. Be able to work from customer and shop drawings with little or no supervision.
  4. Make ordinary set-up and perform a variety of routine drilling, milling, journaling, boring, surface grinding, and broaching operations.
  5. Operate lathe, broaching machine, drills, and milling machine. Select proper cutters, drills, tool holders, broaching bars and other tooling. Able to make all machine adjustments.
  6. Operate CNC lathes and milling machine including set-ups, programming, and general maintenance.
  7. Willing to learn how to operate all machine shop equipment including hanger equipment.
  8. Keep work area clean and organized.
  9. Perform other duties as required.

Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum 1 year operating machine shop equipment with 6 months of CNC machine shop equipment.

Skills Required/Preferred:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of technical drawings
  2. Understand and use micrometers, calipers, scale, and tape measure.
  3. Use fractions
  4. General maintenance


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