3rd Shift Position

Position Description:
Operator joins tubing, sheet metal and studs together by brazing, welding or soldering, using tools such as oxygen acetylene torch, arc welder, heliarc, stud welder and tig weld.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Ability to interact with others and be self-motivated to maximize production.
  • Read and understand blue prints.
  • Operate and read all measuring devices
  • Organize and set up work.
  • Required to stand constantly, walk occasionally, bend frequently, squat occasionally, and reach forward frequently. These motions are sustained and repetitive.
  • Good safety habits are a must as caution is required in preparing the welder for operation. Safety glasses are required at all times, and to avoid eye injury a welding helmet is required when engaged in actual welding activity. Employees are required to frequently lift up to 50 lbs. or more with assistance and must use proper body techniques when performing floor, knee, and waist lifts.
  • Welder is exposed to heat and fumes that may be somewhat disagreeable.
  • Requires employee to perform other jobs in the cell as needed.

Position Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • 2 years welding experience preferred.
  • Must be able to be 6G, 3F and 5F certified by an outside welding certification body.
  • Requires ability to use MIG/TIG welders to join metal to close tolerances. Various metals may be required, some of which are galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.
  • Requires ability to read and interpret complicated shop drawings.
  • Requires understanding of standardized welding symbols used on shop drawings to convey method of welding.
  • Requires a strong mechanical background as well as the ability to use simple math with both decimals and fractions.
  • Must wear safety protective equipment at all times.

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