REPORTS TO: Operations Manager




Responsible for developing and maintaining long term professional relationships with clients.  Source and maintain a pool of qualified candidates for current and future job openings.  Assist employees with a smooth and orderly Onboarding process.


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Describe the essential functions of this position in order of importance. 


  1. Responsible for sourcing, recruiting, screening and hiring qualified candidates for job assignments at client company locations.
  2. Ensure all candidates are properly screened, interviewed and all qualifying information is entered into TempWorks.
  3. Schedule and conduct pre-employment new hire orientations and ensure accuracy and completion of all new hire documents.
  4. Work closely with clients to fill job orders with qualified candidates in a timely manner.
  5. Update clients on the status of their job orders with frequent phone & e-mail communication.
  6. Utilize Tempworks to manage candidates, employees and client information to efficiently fill job orders.
  7. Coach and Counsel Employees in person and over the phone as needed.
  8. Supervise and manage employee performance on a day to day basis & initiate disciplinary procedures up to and including termination if required.
  9. Ensure prospective employees have a thorough understanding of the company’s policies & procedures.
  10. Maintain job board as it pertains to candidate Orientation, Pool, and Job Orders.
  11. Maintain business relationships with clients through personal visits, marketing activities and client events.
  12. Responsible for keeping orientation room and restroom clean.
  13. Responsible for maintaining open lines of communication with staff members.
  14. Conduct 3rd Party Drug Screening.
  15. Document ALL contact with prospects and employees in Tempworks.
  16. Solicit employees for candidate/applicant referrals.
  17. Monitor all employee call-ins daily and enter information in Tempworks.
  18. Responsible for daily contact with NSNC’s. Obtain reason for absence and determine if they can come in that day and ensure they will be at work the next day. Document reason in Tempworks.
  19. Contact everyone that has voluntarily resigned & determine if they can be saved, but if not encourage them to work out a two week notice. Document in Tempworks.
  20. Contact all employees on their 2nd day of employment to see how they are doing and report findings to management and document finding in Tempworks.
  21. Responsible for complete and thorough documentation of terminated employees.
  22. Maintain relationships with WIN Job Centers.
  23. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.                                                                               




From time to time will be required to visit/work at job sites.



  1. BA/BS Degree in Business or related field or equivalent experience preferred.  Three to Five years of recruiting & interviewing experience preferred.
  • Must be computer literate & have excellent communication, interpersonal & organizational skills.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Ability to prioritize and handle a high volume of tasks daily.
  • Detail oriented and Time Management Skills.
  • Highly Motivated and Team Player


The above description outlines the most significant job functions performed but may include other similar functions or assignments not specifically mentioned.


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