Our Process

The EMI Staffing Process

When you work with EMI Staffing, we handle the complete hiring process from start to finish. Using EMI as an extension of your HR department can reduce costs and shorten your time to hire. Here’s how it works:

Screening and Hiring

  • Candidates are recruited though advertising and from our extensive employee database
  • Selected candidates are chosen for employment verification, drug screening and criminal background checks
  • We provide orientation documents about our personnel policies to each of our employees
  • Those you are interested in interviewing will be given background information about your organization as well

Employee Training and Management

  • Training doesn’t end when our employee joins your team
  • Available services include coaching, counseling, performance reviews, and payroll management
  • We also provide a comprehensive benefit package for all of our employees

Conversion or Separation

  • Once the assignment is complete, you can either convert the employee to full time or contact us and we will end the assignment
  • Either way there is no additional cost to you

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